Provide exceptional service to all of our customers and put them at the heart of our decisions.

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Our approach

Our customers are at the heart of all our decisions. This extends beyond customer-facing activities, from the initial purchase of the land through to the design of each home and the wider development. We aim to understand their needs and consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

Every two years we launch new commitments identifying our next set of priority actions. The next chapter of Our Vision launched on 1 May 2018. Details of our new commitments, and further information on our existing commitments under the Customers focus area, can be found below.

2018-2020 commitments

On 1 May 2018, we renewed our commitment to the Net Promoter Score and launched a new ambitious commitment on mortgage lending to deliver by April 2020.

Our Customers, Net Promoter Score 2018-2020

Net Promoter Score

Establish the Berkeley Group amongst the top performing companies for customer service, as evidenced by the Net Promoter Score.

Having high levels of customer satisfaction is critical to our business, and was a key topic area highlighted in our materiality work. We aim to exceed our customers' expectations, starting from the moment a customer first enquires about a property. Each customer receives tailored information relating to their purchase and has a dedicated person to guide them through their buying journey and beyond.

For the last four years, we have used the Net Promoter Score to benchmark the levels of service we provide against well-regarded companies across all sectors. This focus has helped drive improvements in this area, and therefore we will continue to monitor our progress, share good practice, and implement new initiatives to ensure that our customers receive excellent levels of customer service.

Our Customers, Mortgage Lending

Mortgage lending

Make the case for a proportionate approach to lending, including two year mortgage offers, so that every purchaser has a fair chance in the new build market.

We want every homebuyer to have the same chance as an investor to purchase a property in the new build market. Mortgage offers today typically last for six months. But this does not lend itself to buying off-plan because the offer has usually expired before the new property is completed; and a recent study by the London School of Economics identified the length of mortgage offers as a major constraint on housebuilding in London.

Since 2014, the Berkeley Group has applied a UK First Policy which requires that every home is made available in the UK either first or at the same time as launching overseas. We also support the Mayor of London in his new campaign to put Londoners first on the property market. Now we intend to encourage lenders to introduce mortgage offers which give every purchaser a fair chance of buying a new build home. Through research, debate and fresh thinking, we want to create a level playing field for every purchaser.

2016-2018 commitments

From 1 May 2016 - 30 April 2018, we have been focusing on commitments around the Net Promoter Score and customer insight.

Our Customers, Net Promoter Score 2016-2018

Net Promoter Score

Deliver world-class customer service as evidenced by a top quartile Net Promoter Score compared to UK Customer Satisfaction Index results.

The service we provide is professional, efficient and helpful to make the homebuying process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. Our levels of customer service aim to be comparable to other top performing companies.

Through this commitment, we have created a 'customer first' mindset and empowered teams to think and act differently. This is supported by a range of staff training, from creative thinking to exemplary brochure design, and the continuation of our Sales Academy to bring talented individuals from other industries into the business. We have also produced a new publication on The Berkeley Difference.

Our six-month rolling average Net Promoter Score of 70.8 compares favourably with other exemplary companies and we are pleased to be meeting our target of performing within the top quartile of UK Customer Satisfaction Index results.

Our Customers, Customer Insight

Customer insight

Run a programme of engagement and research to further enhance our product and processes based on the needs of our customers.

Key to the ongoing success of our business is that we listen to, understand and respond to the needs of our customers. During 2017 we began to use an analytics tool to evaluate commentary from customer survey data in more detail. We have also extended an online sharing portal which was originally implemented in our St James business to enable lessons learnt to be shared across the business.

The views and feedback of potential customers who choose not to buy are also invaluable in helping to shape our future product. We have completed surveys at several sites to understand buyers' thoughts and needs and this complements our annual brand research of what is important to people when selecting a new home.

In addition, we seek to proactively enhance the homes we build through keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in specification and design.

Further information

To find out more about our existing commitments and our achievements in each, please see the Our Vision Performance Update 2017 and the Customers Performance Report 2014-2016. Details of our 2018 performance will be included in the Berkeley Group's 2018 Annual Report.

These documents can be found in the Performance section of the website.

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