Provide exceptional service to all of our customers and put them at the heart of our decisions.

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Why focus on our customers?

Ensuring our customers are satisfied is crucial to the ongoing success of the business; ultimately all areas of our strategy are focused on the end customer. This extends beyond customer-facing activities, from the initial purchase of the land through to the design of each home and the wider development.

Our approach

Our customers are at the heart of all our decisions. We aim to understand their needs and consistently meet or exceed their expectations. The service we provide is professional, efficient and helpful to make the homebuying process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. Our levels of customer service aim to be comparable to other top performing companies.

The illustration below highlights our approach to our customers and their journey with us. Each aspect, and our achievements in each, are discussed in more detail in the Customers Performance Report 2014-2016.

Our Customers Approach

What's next?

In May 2016 we launched two new ambitious commitments to achieve by April 2018 to improve and develop our approach to Customers:

Our Customers, Net Promotor Score

Net promoter score

Deliver world-class customer service as evidenced by a top quartile Net Promoter Score compared to UK Customer Satisfaction Index results.

Our customers expect a professional, quality and efficient service when purchasing a property. We aim to meet and exceed these expectations throughout the customer journey, starting from the moment a customer enquires about a property, through the sales process, at the point of handover and during occupation.

A company's Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an indicator of the success of the customer journey. By committing to maintaining a consistently high NPS which ranks Berkeley amongst top performing companies, we are ensuring that the customer experience remains a key focus across the business, that we continue to outperform our competitors and that we build on our high levels of customer service to consistently deliver at a world-class standard.

The key to meeting these aims will be the continued development and support of our people to further embed a 'customer first' mind-set.

Our Customers, Customer Insight

Customer insight

Run a programme of engagement and research to further enhance our product and processes based on the needs of our customers.

We operate in a highly competitive market. Key to the ongoing success of the business is that we listen to, understand and respond to the views, needs, motivations and aspirations of our customers.

Regular and improved feedback and input from our customers is expected to allow us to keep up to date with the latest customer behaviours. It will also help us in identifying areas for innovation, including the way we think about, design and market our homes and developments.

We aim to broaden the mechanisms through which feedback is sought to enhance customer engagement and insight.

To find out more about our new commitments for 2016-2018, please see the Customers Performance Report 2014-2016.

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