Royal Arsenal Riverside | Thumbnail

Revive and reinvent: lessons from Royal Arsenal

20th August 2019

After twenty years of partnership and regeneration, Royal Arsenal has become a beautiful riverside neighbourhood, teeming with community life, and reconnected to a re-energised Woolwich. It is now a safe and welcoming home, a thriving cultural scene and a vital source of local jobs and opportunities once again.

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Woodhurst Park | Thumbnail

Creating communities: lessons from Woodhurst Park

13th August 2019

At Woodhurst Park we are working in partnership with local people, Bracknell Forest Council and Warfield Parish Council to create a welcoming, active community where neighbours get to know each other and take part in local life.

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Tony Pidgley Annual Review Thumbnail | Features

Tony Pidgley CBE: the year in review

5th August 2019

In this extract from the 2019 Annual Report, Berkeley Group Chairman Tony Pidgley CBE looks back on the year and its defining achievements.

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Rob Perrins Realising Our Vision | Features

Rob Perrins: realising Our Vision

5th August 2019

In this extract from the 2019 Annual Report, Berkeley Group Chief Executive Rob Perrins provides an update on performance against the Our Vision business strategy.

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Lessons from grand union search | Speeches & Features

Engage and listen: lessons from Grand Union

13th May 2019

At our Grand Union development in Alperton, North West London, we shaped the masterplan in partnership with local people. Our proposals closely reflect the community's aspirations for their neighbourhood and residents are actively supporting the regeneration of the former Northfields Industrial Estate.

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Snow Hill Wharf | Thumbnail

Care and respect: lessons from Snow Hill Wharf

15th April 2019

This former goods yard lies on the banks of the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal in the city's Gun Quarter, a district with a proud heritage of craftsmanship and skilled manufacturing dating back to the 17th century.

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