Sustainable Style for Your Home

Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration for both designers and consumers, with the interior design sector embracing the ethos of reduce, reuse and repurpose. When it comes to furnishing your home, there are some truly amazing brands delivering eco-friendly yet stylish options, such as cushions made from plastic bottles and drinking glasses crafted from phone screens.

Repurposed Rugs

Not only are these colourful rugs hard-wearing, stain-resistant and easy to wipe down – making them the perfect addition to your kitchen, patio or family dining area – they’re also sustainable. They’re made from recycled plastic bottles (that would otherwise end up in the oceans or a landfill), which are processed with heat and recycled water to make a soft yet robust yarn. The team at Jennifer Manners then hand-knot the fibre to make top-quality rugs that will brighten up any space. 

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Sustainable Style for Your Home - Repurposed Rugs

Recycled Vase

LSA International has teamed up with Cornwall’s Eden Project to create a beautiful range of vases, Canopy, which are made from recycled materials. Melted down bottles and jars are then remoulded, which gives the regenerated vases unique variations of small bubbles so each vase is a one-off. These contemporary pieces are perfect for displaying flower arrangements in.


Sustainable Style for Your Home - Recycled Vase

Plastic Bottle Cushion

Heal’s has a number of sustainable lines – from tables and chairs crafted from recycled fishing nets to upholstery made from recycled fashion. Its Way Outdoor Range from Ferm LIVING includes pieces that are each handwoven from recycled plastic bottles. This Way Recycled Cushion is made from 55 of them to be exact. With a monochrome pattern, it can be used indoors or outdoors and is the perfect way to enhance a seating area.


Sustainable Style for Your Home - Plastic Bottle Cushion

Fire-Hose Candlesticks

These solid brass candlestick holders, made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose couples, are bound to be a talking point at your next dinner party. The rare and limited-edition pieces have been lovingly restored by Elvis and Kresse after they were rescued from an old oil rig after many years fighting fires at sea. Unique and full of history, the candlesticks will add a touch of style to your table. Plus 50% of profits from sales go to The Fire Fighters Charity.


Sustainable Style for Your Home - Fire-House Candlestick

Smartphone Glassware

What if instead of your old phone going in the bin, it could be made into something else – something incredible. Well, that’s exactly what the team at London-based Pentatonic do. With an aim to circulate materials, it melts down phone screens, made from the most premium-grade glass on the planet, and turns them into beautiful glassware for the kitchen. 

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Sustainable Style for Your Home - Smartphone Glassware