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Refresh Your Home for Spring

As we head into April, we can officially say that spring has now sprung up on us ready to bring more hours of sunshine and (hopefully) warmer climes with it. Just as things begin to brighten up and spring forth from the ground, many people will be looking for ways to get your home ready for spring so you can enjoy the season both indoors and outdoors.

We've detailed just a few of the ways you can spruce up your home and put the darker days behind you with some interior decorating tips for spring.

Decluttering and classic Spring cleaning

One of the first things you'll likely find yourself doing to refresh your home is embark on a good, deep spring clean to help clear out any unnecessary items and make sure everything is sparkling. It's a great opportunity to reorganise wardrobes and cupboards, making room for all your knickknacks so you can make your interiors feel as open and airy as possible. Leaving surfaces free from unnecessary objects will help things to feel peaceful.

Bring a little bit of the outdoors inside

As shoots and buds start appearing in gardens and parks, now is a great opportunity to add a bit of that natural life and energy into your home. Now that you've decluttered your surfaces, popping some fresh flowers in vases around busy areas of the home, such as the kitchen and living room, can bring splashes of vibrant colour that brighten up your home.

If you'd prefer foliage with a little more longevity, then you can opt to pop some potted indoor plants around your home instead. These will take a bit more TLC in order for them to flourish but the greenery will endure for longer and help your home embrace the springtime energy of fresh plant life.

Refresh your home for Spring | Plants

Swap out your soft furnishings for new swatches

Most of us will likely have our heaviest blankets and cosiest textile items dotted about the house as a hangover from the coldest winter days, but now that they are behind us we can look to make the switch to lighter, brighter fabrics.

Bringing more pastel shades in combination with splashes of more vibrant colours when designing your home for spring will help spaces to feel more lively and fresh. Changing up your soft furnishings is also a relatively cost-effective way to give your décor a little lift for spring time whilst also keeping things cosy if the weather has a chilly spell.

Sort out your curtains to maximise the light

With the sun starting to make more frequent appearances during the daytime, you'll probably want to get your curtains thrown wide open to make the most of the natural light. If you're concerned about privacy then opting for some net curtains to sit along your usual ones can give you the best of both worlds - privacy during the day or night without sacrificing natural light. Plus, you can always change your curtains for a lighter shade that complements your new interior colour scheme and brightens the room even when the curtains are closed.

Refresh your home for Spring | Light kitchen

Pack some prints into your décor

Patterns sporting tasteful elements from nature, such as wildlife and leaf prints, can also enhance the energy of living spaces by taking on aesthetics sympathetic with the outdoors. This can be used on smaller items such as throw pillows and bedding, or you can make them more of a feature piece by changing out any art prints you have for ones with spring colour schemes or verdant natural landscapes.

There are a number of more drastic ways you can redecorate your home for spring, such as giving your interiors a fresh coat of paint to redefine your rooms and make them feel brand new again, or replacing key pieces of your furniture with ones which are more neutral to work alongside seasonal colour schemes. If you're finding that nothing you do can seemingly give your home a new lease on life for spring, then maybe your instincts are saying that it's time to consider relocating? For those who find themselves looking at new homes for sale rather than repainting as a method of refreshing their lives for spring, then you can take a look at our available property developments.