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Planning the Interiors for Your Soon-to-Be Home

Visualising how you want your new home to look can be tricky, especially before moving in. Here are some expert tips to help you start planning your dream interior décor and ordering the big-ticket items so you’ll get them in time.

Get Creative

John Coetzee, an interior designer for Berkeley, suggests creating a lookbook first: “This could be a page on Pinterest or Instagram or a collection of pages from interior magazines you like. Think items of furniture, colours and styles. This will help define what you like and what you should look for. There are so many different suppliers of furniture to source from, so even the most expensive look can be recreated from the high street.” 

Think About The Space

Before buying any new furniture, John suggests thinking about how you want to use each area. “Is the space going to be used for entertaining or mainly just for you? How many seats will you need when friends and family come over?” When you’ve decided this, you can then start to think about layouts. “What will be the focal point of each room and work from that. If the focal point of your living room is the TV then place the sofa opposite and feature chairs can be added.”
Planning the interiors for your soon-to-be home

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Take Measurements

Make use of your floorplans. They will help you to visualise room layouts before you’re in your new home. If you can get into the property, take as many measurements as you can. Remember to do room heights and window sizes. Knowing the lengths, heights and depths of spaces will help considerably when it comes to buying items like appliances, rugs, curtains and furniture before you move. 
Planning the interiors for your soon-to-be home

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Useful Tech

There are lots of apps that can help you to plan out what your new home could look like. Want to try a feature wall in the bedroom but not sure how it will look? The Dulux Visualizer app allows you to experiment. Simply upload a photo of a room or wall and select from hundreds of colours, meaning you can try before you commit. Forgotten to take a tape measure to the new house or furniture shopping? The Measure app turns your phone into a tape measure using augmented reality (AR) technology.

Don't Be Too Impulsive

You’ve found a stunning one-off side table in an antique shop that you can’t resist. Before heading to the till ask yourself: “Will it fit into the new space?”, “Will it work with the rest of the furniture going into that room?”, “Where will I store it until the move?”. It’s easy to get carried away in all of the excitement, but it’s important to think practically too. 
Planning the interiors for your soon-to-be home

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Take Time to Browse

Buying new art for a home you haven’t moved into yet isn’t the easiest, but you could start looking for styles and themes you like. “Artwork can be very expensive,” says John, “so think about getting some interesting prints until you are ready to invest. Try online shops such as Desenio.” 

Picking a Sofa

“If you’re unsure what colour palette you want to go for, the safest option is to use a neutral backdrop on the sofa,” explains John. “Pattern and colour can be added through accessories, such as cushions, throws and rugs. If you like to put your feet up while watching TV, consider an L-shaped sofa. You can get ones that switch the L-shape from the left to the right which gives a bit of flexibility in the room.” No space for this? “Consider an upholstered ottoman that you can put your feet on,” says John. “A tray can sit on the ottoman if you want to use it as a table. Upholstered stools that fit under a coffee table can also provide extra seats for guests without cluttering up the room.” 
Planning the interiors for your soon-to-be home

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Choosing a Dining Table

“Don’t oversize the table,” advises John. “A general four seat table will also seat six, adding two at either end. A 150cm x 80cm table will work for this. Folding chairs can be stored in a cupboard for when you have more guests. If you entertain a lot, consider an extending table.” Think about the shape of the room and what will work there – “A circular table is often easier to fit into a space for seating for four,” says John. “A glass table will make the space feel lighter and more open. You can dress it with a tablecloth when entertaining.”
Planning the interiors for your soon-to-be home

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Assess Timings

With large waiting times for some items such as sofas and beds (which can sometimes be up to 12-20 weeks), it’s always a good idea to start looking months before you expect to get the keys. Aim for big-ticket items such as washing machines to be delivered to your new home the week after you’re expecting to move in. It can help to keep a schedule, so you know when you’ll need to be home to accept the deliveries.

Opt For Flexible Delivery

Ask the companies you’re purchasing items from if you’re able to amend delivery dates closer to the time you’re expecting to move. You don’t want a large wardrobe or dining table arriving at your new home before you do. Many companies offer specific delivery dates you can select. This option might cost a little bit more, but is worth doing to ensure everything arrives at the best time for you.