Outdoor Play and the Power of Green Spaces

From Grassroots Clubs to World-Cup Players 

As the Rugby World Cup unfolds in France, we are looking to rugby and other outdoor sports and the positive impact they can have on our wellbeing. 

Outdoor spaces are essential for the immune system and health benefits for many reasons. Spending time outdoors allows us to get fresh air and sunshine, which are both important for our overall health. Fresh air helps to clear our lungs and improve our respiratory function, while sunshine helps our bodies to produce vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones and a healthy immune system.

Being outdoors exposes us to natural elements and sunlight, which can help to boost our immune system and make us more resistant to disease. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can reduce stress levels, improve mood, and increase cognitive function.

Outdoor sports such as rugby, football, and soccer are particularly beneficial for our health, as they provide us with a vigorous workout and help to improve our cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and coordination.

In addition to the health benefits, outdoor spaces also play an important role in our mental and social well-being. Spending time outdoors can help to reduce stress levels, improve mood, and boost creativity. Outdoor spaces also provide us with opportunities to socialize and connect with others, which is important for our mental health.

The Rugby World Cup is a great example of how outdoor spaces can be used to promote physical activity, social interaction, and community spirit. The tournament brings people together from all over the world to watch and play rugby, and it provides a platform for people to learn about different cultures and make new friends.

Amidst reports from UK youth charity OnSide, 51% of young people opt to spend their leisure time indoors. In turn, there's a growing concern about the escalating mental health challenges faced by teens, including anxiety and depression as highlighted by the NHS. The question arises: can the creation of new parks and green spaces, coupled with a concerted effort to promote outdoor play in all weather conditions (like rugby), build community connections and enhance wellbeing?

Research also points to the transformative powers getting mucky in the mud can have on our immune system. Outdoor spaces – and importantly, the mud - foster friendly microorganisms that can train the immune system and build resilience to a number of illnesses including allergies, asthma and even depression and anxiety. 

New Neighbourhoods Across the UK are Prioritising Outdoor Play

 An image of inside a football stadium

Ideally positioned for those who want to experience London living of a different nature, the homes at Silkstream in Hendon are surrounded by green and blue space. The 9-acre development will feature 1.4 acres of podium gardens, a 1.5 acre public park, 175 metre oxbow lake and sensitively regenerated section of one of London’s forgotten rivers: The Silk Stream.  

With contemporary new homes, amenities, shops and green and blue spaces; Silkstream is being created alongside the existing neighbourhood in Hendon, as a vibrant place for future generations to enjoy for many years to come. 

Surrounded by outdoor activities and clubs – whether in the field or on the water – there is something for everyone in Hendon. For those inspired by the Rugby World Cup, Saracens FC - the top-flight rugby union premiership club - is located a 30-minute drive from Silkstream. Admired for its work with the community and grassroots campaigns, the club has set the foundations for many aspiring national England men’s and women’s (Red Roses) rugby players.

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