Nature in Spaces with Urban Flower Co

House plants are a great way of bringing the natural world inside. 

So to help residents at Clarendon imagine how they could fill their apartment with house plants, we recently partnered with Urban Flower Co - an independent botanical florist in nearby Crouch End. 

We asked Urban Flower Co’s founder Matt Richardson to decorate our latest show apartment with plants that would thrive indoors. It resulted in an amazing collection of vibrant and colourful plants - perfect for a green fingered enthusiast.

Here, we caught up with Matt about his design, as well as top tips for keeping your house plants happy.

Can you give us an overview of the plants you chose, and why you picked them?
“We chose plants that would be impactful in the space, and create a fresh, ‘indoor jungle’ feel, such as palms, monsteras and trailing philodendrons, which are all great for achieving this look. We also wanted a selection that complemented the modern feel of the space and highlighted key areas, so that prospective buyers viewing the apartment could potentially see themselves living with plants in their space. 

“We introduced different textures and colours, and played around with heights, to allow interest at different levels - this was particularly effective in the living area, where we mixed floor pieces with trailing plants along the shelving. The plants we chose are all relatively low maintenance, which helps avoid adding to the demands which come with busy, modern lifestyles.” 

Was it a fun experience / did you enjoy the task?
“We always love styling new spaces with plants. We strongly believe that every living space should incorporate greenery – it really helps to bring a room to life!” 

Do you have any top tips for amateurs trying to keep their house plants alive?
“Firstly, one of the biggest reasons people end up killing their plants is as a result of overwatering. Rather than following religious watering schedules of once or twice weekly, get to know how your plant's soil feels. If it's bone dry, then give it a good drink and allow the excess water to drain off. If the soil feels wet to the touch, you're ok to leave it for a little longer. 

“Another piece of advice is to keep humidity levels high by misting plants regularly or sitting them on pebble trays. Moisture in the air will help prevent plants from drying out. Finally, make sure your plants are out of direct sunlight - bright, indirect light is fine for most plants, but direct sunlight will scorch them.” 

What are some of your recommendations for the best/easiest house plants to maintain?
“If you’re looking for low maintenance plants, Sansevieria's, trailing Philodendron's and ZZ plants are great to get started, especially if you’re new to plants or have a busy schedule and don’t have much time to factor in plant care. These plants will generally cope with a missed watering or two, and can survive in environments which might not get good bright light.” 

The green open spaces at Clarendon includes a new 1 acre park, private and tranquil gardens for socialising and relaxing. 

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