In Conversation With Ocean Bells Coffee Shop in Watford

We recently caught up with Jon Cao, owner of Ocean Bells Coffee shop in Watford. The family-run café is ranked as one of the best in Watford. Serving artisan coffee, speciality tea, freshly prepared sandwiches and homemade cakes, residents at The Arches are just a short walk away from this local hotspot. 

Over the last few months, St William has been working with Ocean Bells Coffee to provide residents and visitors at The Arches with coffee vouchers – not only enabling them to enjoy the tasty food and drink on offer but to also meet members of the local community. 

Here, we discover why Jon thinks Watford is a great place to live. 

How long have you lived in Watford?
“I have lived here now for almost 13 years. I moved from London as we wanted somewhere that allowed us to remain close to the hustle and bustle of the capital yet provided quick and easy access to the countryside and highly ranked schools for our children - Watford ticked all our boxes.” 

What encouraged you to open your own coffee shop in Watford? 
“When I lived and worked in London, I would always go searching for the independent coffee shops – not only is the coffee much nicer but it is always great to support local businesses. I also liked the idea of owning my own shop as it was a great opportunity to socialise and meet the neighbours and the wider community.” 

What role does Ocean Bells Coffee play within the local community?
“Since taking over the business in June 2018, I’d say that Ocean Bells Coffee has become a huge part of the local community, particularly over the last two years. We’re a well-located speciality coffee shop that offers locals a pleasant and welcoming place to meet with family and friends.

“I’ve been here now for four years, and it’s been great seeing the town thrive with its recent regeneration - we’ve been able to be a part of the transformation and create an environment which encourages the local community to connect and come together.” 

What do you like about the area?
“The people are definitely a huge factor of why we love living in Watford - everyone is incredibly friendly and approachable.

“There are also several parks to explore on the weekends, and a golf course where I spend a lot of my free time. My favourite thing to do in the area though has to be enjoying a great cup of coffee at Ocean Bells!” 

Ocean Bells Coffee is a 10 minute walk from The Arches, book your viewing today and enjoy a coffee at Ocean Bells.