Famous Locations - TV Character Homes in London 

London presents a fantastic backdrop for cinematic scenes and soap operas alike, with iconic landmarks and memorable locations dotted around the city which viewers will instantly recognise. With more media than ever being produced, here's just a snapshot of the shows set in London and the real world locations of the family homes and flats which star in them.

Killing Eve

BBC's latest spy drama is currently in its third season, with plotlines taking characters across the globe to sunny Barcelona and chic Parisian neighbourhoods, but everything is tied back to London and MI5.

There's been several iconic buildings and landmarks featured, from Nelson's Column near Eve's season one office to the SIS Building at Vauxhall Cross, but one particularly eye-catching building is Carolyn's townhouse home.

While Eve's home was built from scratch at a studio, Carolyn's townhouse was filmed at a real location in Kensington. You can see the Regency-style terraced townhouse in the desirable area of Holland Park, with the classic stone steps and jet black railings leading to the fabulously stylish interior featuring high ceiling and hardwood floors. Interestingly, the kitchen and utility rooms are located below ground level which is linked to Victorian-era history where maids and cooks would have worked predominantly in the basement.

Famous Locations Killing Eve | Berkeley Inspiration

Scenes from Carolyn's kitchen

This property isn't far from our Kensington Row development, which looks out over Holland Park and neighbouring Hammersmith, which affords its residents living in London a similar sense of class and luxury.


Another popular BBC show set in London is Fleabag - created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (who was also involved in season one of Killing Eve) and is based on her one-woman show first performed back in 2013.

While Fleabag's modestly-sized flat is another location which had its interior shot on a soundstage, you can find the property in London which represented its exterior on Laurier Road in Dartmouth Park. This district is within the borough of Camden on a hill which heads up toward Highgate from Kentish Town, with the gorgeous leafy park of Hampstead Heath a short walk away.

You can also find the café which became the Guinea Pig Café just a few streets away on York Road, known as the Bold Café & Restaurant in the real world. You can find our Cottonworks development close by too, just a short walk over to Finsbury Park with its eclectic collection of one and two apartments.

Famous Locations Fleabag | Berkeley Inspiration
Scenes from Fleabag, outside the Guinea Pig Café

After Life

Set in the fictional town of Tambury, After Life is the most recent series created by Ricky Gervais which follows the life of a journalist for a local newspaper following a personal tragedy.

While Tambury might not be real, the locations used for filming can be found around London - including the street where Tony lives with his dog Brandy. The series uses the gorgeous Vale of Heath, a small hamlet in Hampstead, as the location stand in for Tony's home to give the fictional residence an aesthetic which fits the story.

 Famous Locations After Life | Berkeley Inspiration
Scenes from After Life locations in Hampstead

Outside of London, Hemel Hempstead's Old Town is used to portray the high street of Tambury and Tony's workplace, with our Elmswater development only a short drive away over in the small Hertfordshire town of Rickmansworth.

The Crown

One of the most iconic British series to be created is The Crown, centred around the different generations of the British royal family and dramatising the historical events which shaped them.

While a substantial number of scenes are set within Buckingham Palace, filming actually took place over at Lancaster House as a stand in for the real palace of the royal family. Lancaster House, originally named York House, is nestled in the heart of St James's Park just a stone's throw away from Buckingham Palace with a similar aesthetic, so it made practical sense to film the home life of the royal family there instead.

Famous Locations The Crown | Berkeley Inspiration
Scenes from The Crown filmed at Lancaster House

While we don't have any mansion-esque developments within this postcode for sale, our 9 Millbank development in Westminster offers a highly prestigious address with exceptional leisure facilities situated on-site. Despite not being mansions with centuries of heritage, these luxury apartments in London provide their residents with charming and sophisticated homes which overlook the Thames just minutes from the Palace of Westminster.

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