Celebrating the Year of the Dragon in Camden

As the Chinese New Year approaches, immerse yourself in the festive ambiance around Camden Goods Yard. Embracing the genuine spirit of the Wood Dragon, Camden welcomes you with vibrant moments and exciting opportunities. Join us as we reveal our top picks for creating a memorable Chinese New Year in and around NW1. 
Feng Shang Princess

Feng Shang Princess

If you’re looking for an extraordinary dining experience look no further than Feng Shang Princess located between Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill. This unique Chinese restaurant floats on the Cumberland Basin as an ornate three-tiered pagoda in traditional Chinese red. Inside, enjoy a diverse menu featuring dishes from China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Japan. 

Top Tip:  Is it too cliché to highlight the crispy duck? Absolutely not—its delectable taste speaks for itself. As an award-winning venue, it stands as one of the area's most Instagram-able spots

Feng Shang Princess, Cumberland Basin, Prince Albert Road NW1

Lan Kwai Fong Camden 

Located just minutes from Camden Goods Yard is Lan Kwai Fong, named after the famous Hong Kong District. Indulge in sharable East Asian dishes, signature cocktails, enjoy digital beer pong and hit the right note in one of the exclusive karaoke rooms. This is the perfect spot for a fun night out with friends, family or work colleagues.  

Top tip:  The award-winning Malaysian Laksa is not to be missed!

Lan Kwai Fong Camden, 27-28 Chalk Farm Road NW1
Lang Kwai Fong
Murger Han
Instagram @murgerhan

Murger Han

London's first Xi'an restaurant proudly offers the authentic "Murger," a historic delicacy translating to "meat sandwiched in bread." Originating from China's Qin Dynasty, this Chinese street food, with purported energy-boosting properties, draws parallels to the Western hamburger. Explore the rich heritage and flavourful experience of this ancient culinary tradition.

Top tip:  Winter in London calls for warmth, and what better way to nurture both your stomach and heart than indulging in a comforting clay pot casserole. 

Murger Han, 62 Eversholt Street, NW1 

Three Uncles

Discover the cherished Siu Mei, traditional Cantonese roast meat that’s a beloved staple for everyday Hong Kongers. Situated in Camden's Hawley Market, this culinary gem features meat rubbed with dry spices, marinated inside, fan-dried overnight, and masterfully roasted before being served. Consider this your cue to head there pronto!

Top tip: Maximise your experience with a 2-meat combo. Our favourites? The crispy pork belly and roast duck—absolute must-tries!

Three Uncles, Hawley Wharf, NW1
Three Uncles restaurant


Celebrate in Bloomsbury’s Brunswick Centre

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon at The Brunswick, the shopping centre located in the south of the borough will play host to a spectacular free event with traditional Chinese lion performers, dramatic dragons, stilt walkers and Dolly head dancers. Enjoy the magic of the Chinese decorations and explore diverse Asian cuisine.

When:  Thursday, 8th February, from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Brunswick Centre, The Brunswick, WC1
Celebrating in Bloomsbury's Brunswick Centre
Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall

Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall

While Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall isn't located in Camden, it couldn’t go without a mention. Just a short 30-minute tube ride from Camden Goods Yard (Northern Line) this is the largest Asian food court in London. The ground floor hosts the Golden Dragon Chinese restaurant, while the upstairs food hall boasts over 20 kiosks with a diverse culinary offering. A haven for Asian food enthusiasts, it's a must-visit and well worth the tube ride. 

Top tip: With an abundance of options under one roof, explore and build up your appetite before indulging.

Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall, 399 Edgware Road London NW9

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