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The Best Places to Eat Vegan Food in London

With the new and widespread interest in veganism from moral, environmental, and health standpoints, there has come a renewed interest in vegan eateries.

Across the UK, vegan restaurants are popping up in cities and nowhere more so than in London. This surge in popularity has yielded some sublime venues which renew and rejuvenate the concept of vegan food in imaginative and revolutionary ways.

We've collected some of the best in this blog post to whet your appetite and ignite your inspiration for good vegan food.

Redemption Bar, Various Locations

Another option for the health enthusiasts out there is the excellent Redemption Bar. Based in three different locations across London in Hackney, Covent Garden and Notting Hill, the Redemption Bar is not only vegan, but is also sugar-free, wheat-free and alcohol-free. Their philosophy is that as soon as you come through the door, you can't 'make a bad decision for yourself or the planet', and the best part is, it all tastes so good! 

La Fabrica, Crouch End

If Spanish food is your thing, but you're looking for Spanish food with a vegan twist, the La Fabrica in Crouch End, the neighbouring district to our Woodberry Down development, has got you covered. Alongside its standard meat and cheese dishes, La Fabrica also has a varied vegan menu which offers up classic Spanish dishes in the tapas style. You can get your filling of patatas bravas, baked aubergine, garbanzos and more, all tailored to a zero meat and animal product audience and served up in sophisticated and understated surroundings.

222 Vegan Cuisine, West Brompton

Another completely vegan restaurant in London's thriving centre, 222 Vegan Cuisine serves up an impressively large choice of meat-and-dairy-free dishes, inspired by cuisines across the globe. There are vegan stroganoffs, risottos, noodle salads and burgers to list but a few, while a whole bar worth of vegan wines and beers, smoothies and dairy-free milkshakes make this a vegan restaurant that's well worth a visit. Even better, it's only a ten-minute walk from our Fulham Reach development.

The Black Cat, Hackney

The good news for London-based vegans who are enthusiastic about local business is that they have the Black Cat Vegan Café and Shop right on their doorstep. This cooperatively run institution features an entire menu of classic vegan dishes just waiting to be tucked into, with cashew-based cheeses, scrumptious salads and delicious VEGO chocolate. They also sell a variety of books which until they're bought, have a happy life on the café's shelves. Based in Hackney, it's just a few tube stops away from our Woodberry Down development.

Vitality Bay, North Finchley

For many people, the decision to go vegan is based on the diet's health benefits over anything else and it's for those people that Vitality Bay, a vegan café in North Finchley, was created. A champion of healthy living, Vitality Bay boasts a diverse and international menu based around healthy, but tasty, options. When you're done sampling your food, the Bay also has a comprehensive wellness centre, with massage, homeopathy, reflexology and reiki sessions to choose from. Vegan cafés are far and fewer in between when it comes to the outskirts of London, so Vitality Bay makes for a handy option for many including those interested in our homes at Trent Park.

One of the best parts about living in London is the incredible restaurant and food scene, spread across the city. All of the above restaurants, cafés and bars are all only a short distance from various Berkeley Group properties - if you're thinking of moving to London, discover our superb selection of homes for sale here.