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A Guide to Savile Row

One of London's most stylish streets, Savile Row, is situated in Mayfair in the heart of Central London. The street is famed for crafting beautiful bespoke tailoring since the 18th century, defining a pinnacle point in Britain's fashion industry. Recognised for catering to the rich and famous, the street is credited for tailoring suits for the likes of Daniel Craig, Michael Jackson and Winston Churchill. 

At only 270 metres long, the legendary street has epitomised the made-to-measure market and many expert tailoring brands can still be found here today. We have created our guide to some of the best tailors and other hidden gems that you can discover here.

No 1 Gieves & Hawkes
Gieves & Hawkes opened on Savile Row in 1912, originally the tailors were known for their work dressing members of the British Army and the British Royal Family. The brand's Savile Row store was renovated in 2011 and today they also have a number of other stores located across the country.

No 5 Kilgour
This tailor's suits are well sought after by their famous Hollywood clientele, such as Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra and Jude Law. The store's interior reflects their high-profile customers, with its new sleek and modern finishing's. Carlo Brandelli, the brand's Anglo-Italian creative director, says his designs are inspired by "contemporary art, architecture, design, typography and music".

No 9 Alexander McQueen
The famous fashion designer Alexander McQueen, started out his career as an apprentice on the Row, before rising to become one of the world's most notable designers in fashion history. In 2010, the designer tragically took his own life, however the store on Savile Row still continues to sell his signature avant-garde designs.

No 10 Dege & Skinner
Dege & Skinner is one of two family run businesses still operating on Savile Row, the tailors have a long history of success after originally being established in 1865. Their skilled work has even been featured in the V&A museum.

No 11 Huntsman
One of the most long-standing bespoke tailors on Savile Row, the brand was originally founded by Henry Huntsman. With a reputation for creating equestrian wear for hunting and riding aristocracy, the company's Savile Row shop still continues to specialise in equestrian and sporting tailoring. As far as the stories go, the two stag heads at the front of the shop were left by a customer who never returned to collect them.

No 12 Scabal
This tailoring company originated in Belgium, before deciding to establish itself on Savile Row in 1972. The Scabal name is an acronym for Société Commerciale Anglo Belgo Allemande Luxembourgeoise. Many of the company's suits have been featured on Hollywood and Broadway, including films such as The Godfather and Casino.

No 14 The Hardy Amies House
Otherwise known as 'The House', the company was founded by Hardy Amies. His Savile Row location was where he was known to serve customers with his signature martinis - with a twist of orange instead of lemon. The shop has even been known to have received visits by the Queen and other famous clients such as David Hockney.

No 15 Henry Poole & Co
The acclaimed tailor Henry Poole is widely considered to be the 'inventor of the tuxedo' and has had a presence on Savile Row since 1828. The brand describes their style as, "individuality expressed through craftsmanship and style." Today the brands Savile Row showroom boasts over 6,000 cloth swatches.

No 16 James Hyman Art Gallery
The James Hyman Art Gallery on Savile Row specialises in fine art and photography from the 20th century. "The collection is now so big that we'd love other people to see it," says James Hyman. "It really is about wanting people to see remarkable works by exceptional artists."

No 20 Sartoria
Occupying No. 20 on the street, this Italian restaurant has a Calabrian theme and is home to renowned Italian chef Francesco Mazzei. This is the only restaurant on Savile Row, and following a recent refurbishment the restaurant boasts a heated terrace, two private dining rooms and a wine cellar.

No 30 Ozwald Boateng
This designer is recognised for his fusion of British style and influences from his Ghanian heritage, this can be seen in the colour, cut and fabric used in his designs. To celebrate the opening of his Savile Row store and the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002, he closed the road to traffic and hosted the streets first ever fashion show. He is also known for dressing Will Smith and Jamie Foxx for the Oscars, and outfitting the male cast of The Matrix Reloaded.

No 37 Kathryn Sargent
Kathryn Sargent is the first woman to set up a tailoring business on Savile Row. "It's taken a lot of hard work to get here," says Sargent. "You really have to earn your stripes. Or, should I say, pinstripes. Have I felt like a woman in a man's world? Initially yes, but nowadays I realise that I'm a woman in a diverse world."

No 41 William Hunt
William Hunt are relative newcomers to the street, they claim that their suits "make the wearer feel seven pounds lighter and two inches taller". They have previously fitted suits for Hollywood Legends such as Robert De Niro.

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