7 Best Secret Cocktail Bars in London

With the city home to its very own annual cocktail week, it’s no surprise that London has some of the best top-secret cocktail bars you’ll ever visit.

From secluded speakeasies to undercover detective agencies, we’ve narrowed down the menu of extraordinary cocktail bars to bring you seven of the best-hidden gems for you to discover. 

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

You would never find The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town without a bit of help.

After arriving at the Breakfast Club on Artillery Lane, tell a staff member you want to see ‘The Mayor’. They’ll usher you across to the unassuming Smeg fridge. Open the door, and instead of finding half a bottle of milk, you’ll discover a dimly lit cocktail bar waiting to greet you.  

The low ceilings, vintage wall art, and textured brick walls create the perfect ambience for you to peruse the unusual cocktail menu. With specials such as Wet Whiskers and Thyme to Get Funky, you know you’re in for a weird and wonderful night. 

7 Best Secret Cocktail Bars in London | Berkeley Inspiration

The Vault

Since its opening in the 1960s, Milroy’s Whisky Shop has become a Soho institution. But what you might not know is the secret cocktail bar lurking below. 

Head into the shop and inform a member of staff you’d like to head down to The Vault. They’ll point towards a bookcase at the back of the shop, give it a little nudge, and it will swing open to reveal a hidden staircase. Follow the bright neon signs to discover a cosy 55-seater speakeasy. 

The cocktail menu changes regularly, but as you would expect, it’s usually whisky heavy. Once you’ve ordered your drink, settle into one of the cosy chesterfield sofas, or take a seat in the private barrel-shaped vault.

Discount Suit Company

Just a short walk from Liverpool Street Station is the Discount Suit Company, a 1980s tailoring shop. But this is no ordinary establishment. Next to the shop, you’ll find an unmarked black door; enter and descend the stairs before stepping through the curtain to find an intimate cocktail bar lurking in the basement. 

The traditional Victorian floorboards, props, and a bar made from a cutting table enrich the bar with character and gives a respectful nod to its past as the tailor storeroom. 

All cocktails here are classics featuring a creative twist. Once you’ve chosen your tipple, sit back and be transported back in time with sounds of Northern Soul, Motown, and rock n roll. 

7 Best Secret Cocktail Bars in London | Berkeley Inspiration

The Blind Pig

Although it’s named after the American slang term for an illegal lower-class establishment, The Blind Pig is anything but lower class.

Situated above Jason Atherton’s restaurant, Social Eating House, this is one of the only cocktail bars where you can order Michelin-starred food to compliment your chosen tipple. 

To find this intriguing spot, you’ll need to look for the “opticians” sign down Poland Street, Soho. Use the pig-shaped knocker to push the door open, ascend the stairs, and you’ll discover a 1940s-style bar. 

The copper-topped bar, antique mirrored ceiling, and flickering candles create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy one of their famous themed cocktails. 


This curious cocktail bar is reminiscent of the American prohibition era of the 1920s when it was illegal to make and sell alcohol. As a result, people gathered in discreet drinking spots known as ‘speakeasies’ to enjoy their favourite libation.

Just like the speakeasies of old, the entrance to Purl remains hush-hush. Once you’ve found the ominous winging sign on Blandford Street, knock three times, and give the password ‘hair of the dog’.

Once you’re permitted to enter, you’ll find a team of exquisite mixologists waiting to pour you some of the most extraordinary cocktails you’ll ever drink. The menu specialises in creating multi-sensory drinks, so expect furious foam, arousing aromas, and magical liquid nitrogen to make an appearance.

7 Best Secret Cocktail Bars in London | Berkeley Inspiration

Evans & Peel Detective Agency

For an immersive cocktail experience enriched by role-playing, look no further than the Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Before you visit, you’ll need to head to their website to book an appointment rather than a reservation. Then, hit the ‘my case’ tab to provide details of the mystery you want the detectives to investigate. 

Once you arrive at the black door, investigators will ask you questions about the case as they decide whether to take it on. If you’re lucky, they’ll permit you to stay while they make their enquiries.

Whilst they’re investigating, you can sit back and flick through the notebook-style cocktail menu to find your drink of choice. Every cocktail is named after historic bandits and bootleggers, and each one is served up in the most peculiar way. 

The Natural Philosopher

It’s not often you can enjoy a cocktail at the same place you get your computer fixed.

The Natural Philosopher is a botanical-themed cocktail bar discreetly located through the back of the MacSmiths repair shop on Hackney Road. 

All cocktails are made from foraged ingredients and inspired by herbal remedies, creating an obscure but flavourful menu that changes weekly. Once you’ve chosen your potion, choose from one of three rooms to sit and enjoy your beverage. For a side of nostalgia, visit The Mac Museum. Or, for a more homely feel, head to The Living Room.

Alternatively, if you’re comfortable with small spaces, The Basement stands just five feet tall for a more cosy, intimate affair.  

Living in London means you’re never too far away from some of the world’s best cocktail bars and restaurants. If you’d like to make this incredible capital city your home, take a look at our latest London developments available right now