Policy and Arrangements


The Berkeley Group recognises that safety is synonymous with quality. Since we are committed to achieving excellence through continuous improvement, minimising risk of injury to people, damage to equipment and products is inseparable from our overall objectives.

We believe that a safe environment is not one in which there is an absence or a low number of serious injury incidents, but is the result of active participation by management and staff in identifying hazards and taking positive action to eliminate or control them. This reflects corporate and individual professionalism, which is the keystone of our continuing success, and ensures that the avoidance of accidents and the promotion of safe and healthy workplaces remains the common objective throughout The Group.

Berkeley Group Policy Statement May 2018


The group has a high level standard setting management system that is designed to the requirements of OHSAS 18001.

In addition, each Division/Operating Company has a local health and safety management system which is specific to their business requirements. These lower level management systems demonstrate the effective management of the requirements outlined in our Group Health and Safety standards.

A Health and Safety Policy Statement is produced by each Division/Operating Company, together with details of their organisation for the time being in place to implement their arrangements.

The Group Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed annually and amended as appropriate.