Our Vision

To be a world-class business, defined by the quality of the places we create, generating long-term value and having a positive impact on society.

Our Vision, Banner

In May 2018, we revealed the next phase of our long-term business strategy, called Our Vision. This includes a set of 10 headline commitments, along with other commitments, that apply to all our brands and are to be achieved by April 2020.

Through the Our Vision framework, we articulate our strategy across five areas of strategic focus: Customers, Homes, Places, Operations and Our People. By focusing on these areas, we ensure that we continue to provide customers with an exceptional service, whilst delivering high quality homes and places where communities can thrive. We also recognise that the skills, knowledge and dedication of our people, alongside the efficient management of our operations, are fundamental to the ongoing success of our business.

To find out more about each of our focus areas, our progress to date, and our commitments for 2018-2020, select an area of focus on the image below.

Establish the Berkeley Group amongst the top performing companies for customer service, as evidenced by the Net Promoter Score.

Make the case for a proportionate approach to lending, including two year mortgage offers, so that every purchaser has a fair chance in the new build market.

Launch a design framework to contribute to the wellbeing of our customers, including safety, air quality and thermal comfort.

Produce a transition plan for each new development which enables the homes to operate at net zero carbon by 2030.

Understand the social value generated by new development and embed a coherent approach to building communities on all our sites.

Explore future transport trends and encourage a modal shift away from an over-reliance on petrol and diesel cars.

Deliver the Berkeley Modular facility and ensure that 30% of construction value is delivered through off-site assembly by 2020.

Work with our supply chain to develop a zero waste strategy, focusing on key wastes including plastics.

Engage with young people, education providers and employers to transform perceptions of careers in the built environment.

Implement a programme to create an inclusive environment where employees can reach their full potential, irrespective of their identity or background.

Developing our approach

We set commitments every two years to help drive the business towards being world-class. Our headline commitments are underpinned by commitments that are considered leading, either within the industry or out of sector, and by business as usual commitments. These help us to ensure a consistently strong approach in key areas.

To inform our commitments for 2018-2020, a materiality assessment was conducted with the support of an objective external party to determine which industry, national and global issues are of most importance to our internal and key external stakeholders. Read more about the materiality assessment here.