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Berkeley Modular

Berkeley Modular is a newly-formed company, founded to produce a volumetric modular housing solution specifically for the Berkeley Group.

From our purpose-built, technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Northfleet, Kent, our highly skilled workforce will produce a range of modular housing products designed to the high specification and excellent build standards that customers demand from the Berkeley Group.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the Berkeley Group with a high-quality housing product which can be delivered using sophisticated volumetric modular manufacturing methods.

To achieve this, we are making a significant investment in new production capacity and carrying out in-depth research in order to create homes which are fantastic to live in and deliver an improved correlation between design intent and the performance of the final built product.

Principles of Modular Manufacturing

Why build modular?

Volumetric modular manufacturing need not limit architectural freedom. In fact, it should help us build even better homes. Our intention is to support lean manufacturing principles that will integrate leading-edge technology and seamlessly connect production technologies to virtual design models. Our real motivation is the quality that modular will help us achieve.

As offsite construction steps up to the forefront of UK construction, most people are focused on the speed of build that it can achieve and positive impact on skills and labour. But the primary driver for Berkeley's investment in modular assembly is the scope to enhance even further the quality of homes we can build without compromising on comfort or flexibility of design.

Product Evolution

The Challenge

We are currently undertaking extensive research and development to create a sophisticated volumetric modular solution that will provide the Berkeley Group with a high-quality, high performing housing product.

This is an exciting challenge: creating a volumetric modular solution that will not limit the necessary architectural freedom that is essential to creating places where people want to live, and delivering through-life performance which matches design intent.

Our Aims

We want our volumetric modular solution to deliver homes which are stylish, high performing, of fantastic quality and really comfortable to live in.

This initiative isn't just about what we build, it's also about how we build it: we want to create a sophisticated volumetric product that is sector leading in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We want to get the product design and manufacturing process right, we want it to be scaleable and we want to operate at maximum productivity to help meet the challenges posed by the UK housing market.

How We Will Deliver

We are working with forward-thinking consultants and supply chain partners with a proven track record of innovation. Our multi-themed research and development programme is focused across the range of structural, fabric and services performance requirements to ensure we deliver an exceptional housing product solution.

We are collaborating with leading test laboratories to evidence the physical performance of the homes, in terms of structural, thermal acoustic, fire resistance and air permeability, to ensure our product meets or exceeds the requirements of current Building Regulations, and is future proofed to ensure we satisfy projected trends.


Our commitment to sustainability

We intend to create an exemplar business that is leading edge in environmental performance and fully endorses Berkeley Group's commitments, as set out in the company's 'Our Vision'.
The essence of the advanced, lean manufacturing strategy we intend to implement will reflect in a more sustainable approach to building the fantastic homes which represent the Berkeley Group brand.

Reducing carbon

Our goal is to develop and embed a procurement strategy that prioritises supply chain partners which take a long-term view, with outstanding environmental credentials and a corporate social responsibility strategy fits with our own aspirations.
We want to restrict waste to less than 2% of all product we procure, and transfer zero waste to landfill. But we also want to develop a programme that will continuously reduce the embodied carbon required to construct new homes.

How will we achieve this? By working with supply chain partners with the capability and capacity to innovate: both in terms of their own products, and in how their products integrate and interface with other elements of the modular home. We will also record the embodied carbon in our procured materials, components and equipment.

Reducing environmental impact

In manufacturing our volumetric modular product, we want to specifically minimise the direct and indirect impacts on local residents and communities during the off-site construction process.
Our modular construction methods will minimise environmental impact by reducing construction times (both off-site and on-site), reducing vehicle movements to and from construction sites, and reducing the number of people on-site.

We will adopt world-class manufacturing and construction techniques to deliver outstanding health and safety performance, which will ensure we keep Berkeley Modular employees safe and positively impact the safety and wellbeing of the broader construction team.

Latest News

Job Opportunities With Us

Berkeley Modular has recently secured planning consent for a new manufacturing facility in Northfleet, Kent. Construction is due to get underway on the new facility, which will allow us to produce Berkeley Modular's unique volumetric modular product.

This factory is the key to servicing a proportion of Berkeley Group's future development requirements for creating fantastic new homes for its customers. The birth of this new advanced manufacturing facility will create a significant number of employment opportunities in the local area. These will largely be permanent, full-time direct-employed roles, working in the sophisticated, technologically- advanced manufacturing environment that will be at the heart of our operation.

The Manufacturing Facility

The manufacturing facility is expected to be fully operational by late 2019 / early 2020, but recruitment of the directly-employed workforce will begin well in advance of this milestone to ensure that a well-trained, specialised team is in place to begin producing high-quality volumetric modular products from the day the factory opens. This investment by Berkeley Group is going to create exciting opportunities for both production and site-based employees, and will include some new apprenticeships.

We are in discussion with the local college network and private training providers to create a robust development framework to help us reach out to the right talent pool for our business.

Who Are We Looking For?

Please see below the sorts of job and apprenticeship opportunities we will be creating.

Our Job Opportunities:

Production: Cell Operatives, Production Planning, Facility and Engineering Maintenance
Commercial: Procurement, Quantity Surveying
Design: Product Engineering, BIM Co-ordination
Projects: Project / Site Management Quality, Installation and Finishing Operatives
Logistics: Stores, Supply Chain Management, Transport Management

Our Apprenticeship Opportunities:

Digital Design: BIM Co-ordination
Commercial: Quantity Surveying
Logistics: Transport
Offsite Manufacture: Production and Engineering, Maintenance
Offsite Assembly: Installation and Finishing
Site Management and Integration: Project Management and Planning

If you are interested in applying for our job opportunities listed above, please follow the link below.

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