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 Page 01 Highlights of our Year
 Page 04 Berkeley Group at a Glance
 Page 06 A Compelling Investment Proposition
 Page 09 Economic Contribution
 Page 10 Portfolio Overview
 Page 12 Market Overview
 Page 14 Case Study: White City Living
 Page 16 Chairman's Statement
 Page 18 Chief Executive's Statement
 Page 25 Tony Pidgley CBE, 1947 - 2020
 Page 26 Our Sustainable Business Model
 Page 28 Key Performance Indicators
 Page 30 Trading and Financial Review
 Page 34 Our Vision: Celebrating the Success of the Last Decade
 Page 35 Transforming Tomorrow: Introducing Our Vision 2030
 Page 37 Our Vision 2030: Ten Strategic Priorities
 Page 51 Berkeley Foundation
 Page 54 Case Study: TwelveTrees Park
 Page 56 Section 172 (1) Statement
 Page 58 Stakeholder Engagement
 Page 65 Non-Financial Reporting Statement
 Page 66 Case Study: Horlicks Quarter
 Page 68 Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Disclosures
 Page 70 Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
 Page 76 Environmental, Social and Governance Performance
 Page 78 How We Manage Risk
 Page 81 Viability Statement
 Page 96 Case Study: Poplar Riverside
 Page 98 Chairman's Introduction to The Corporate Governance Report
 Page 100 Board at a Glance
 Page 101 Board of Directors
 Page 106 Board Leadership and Company Purpose
 Page 111 Division of Responsibilities
 Page 115 Nomination Committee Report
 Page 118 Audit Committee Report
 Page 122 Directors' Remuneration Report
 Page 151 Directors' Report
 Page 158 Case Study: Green Quarter
 Page 160 Independent Auditor's Report
 Page 167 Consolidated Income Statement
 Page 167 Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income
 Page 168 Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
 Page 169 Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity
 Page 170 Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
 Page 171 Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements
 Page 203 Company Balance Sheet
 Page 204 Company Statement of Changes in Equity
 Page 205 Notes to the Company Financial Statements
 Page 210 Five Year Summary
 Page 211 Financial Diary
 Page 212 Registered Office and Advisors

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