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Page 01Highlights
Page 04Berkeley's Strategy
Page 06Long-Term Regeneration
Page 14Chairman's Statement
Page 16Carbon and Climate Change
Page 18Nature and Biodiversity
Page 20Building Strong Communities
Page 22Chief Executive's Statement
Page 28Market Overview
Page 30Business Strategy: Our Vision
Page 46Environmental, Social and Governance Performance
Page 48Berkeley Foundation
Page 50Business Model
Page 52Key Performance Indicators
Page 54Stakeholder Engagement
Page 60Section 172 (1) Statement
Page 62Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Disclosures
Page 64 Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
Page 65Non-financial Reporting Statement
Page 66How We Manage Risk
Page 80Trading and Financial Review
Page 86Chairman's Introduction to the Corporate Governance Report
Page 88Board of Directors
Page 92Board Leadership and Company Purpose
Page 96Division of Responsibilities
Page 99Nomination Committee Report
Page 102Audit Committee Report
Page 106Directors' Remuneration Report
Page 135Directors' Report
Page 144Independent Auditors' Report
Page 151Consolidated Income Statement
Page 151Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income
Page 152Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
Page 153Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity
Page 154Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
Page 155Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements
Page 189Company Balance Sheet
Page 190Company Statement of Changes in Equity
Page 191Notes to the Company Financial Statements 
Page 196Five Year Summary
Page 197Financial Diary and Registered Office and Advisors

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