Develop individually designed, high quality homes with low environmental impact.

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Our approach

Each of our homes and developments is bespoke and we use qualified architects to design each scheme. Attention to detail in design is paramount to ensure homes meet the needs of our customers and our specifications are planned to meet the varied needs of all types of homebuyers, from luxurious houses to key worker apartments.

The high quality finish which we demand in our new homes requires a skilled workforce and thorough checks before handover.

The impact on the environment throughout the lifetime of the home is considered during its design with an aim to minimise impacts and provide home owners with the opportunity to live more sustainably.

We believe in creating high quality homes and places not only in the developments that we build but also promoting design quality across the industry.

Commitments for 2016-2018

  • Design our homes to consider future climate change to ensure continued thermal comfort.

  • Understand the evolution of smart technology and connectivity in homes and on developments.

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