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In this section you can find out how Berkeley addresses the three pillars of sustainability; social, economic and environmental, including the management processes and governance structure we have in place to manage sustainability through our whole development process.

Berkeley no longer has a standalone sustainability strategy, we operate through an integrated business framework; Our Vision, this incorporates the three pillars of sustainability but also contains additional strategic commitments covering our business practices.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is Berkeley's plan for the business

Our goal is to be a world class business generating long-term value by creating successful, sustainable places where people aspire to live. We have set ourselves 16 stretching commitments across our five areas of focus which we will work towards between 2014 and 2016. We do not have a standalone sustainability strategy; instead, our key sustainability targets are included in Our Vision.
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Environmental Sustainability

At Berkeley, environmental sustainability means managing and minimising the environmental impact from our operations and delivering homes and communities that are environmentally sound, as well as being designed and built to a high quality.
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Social Sustainability

At Berkeley we define social sustainability as being about people's quality of life, now and in the future. It is about running the business with consideration to our staff, the wider workforce, local people and our customers, but also thinking longer term about what it will be like to live on one of our developments.
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Economic Sustainability

Economic sustainability is about running the business for the long-term and continuing to be a successful business. Importantly, it is also about the economic impact we have on local communities and the wider economy as a result of our activities. At Berkeley we understand that through our contribution to economic output, job creation, tax and investment, we have the potential to help deliver growth.
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Governance and Management

The Berkeley Group has a strong governance structure in place for sustainability to ensure we continue to progress in our aim to become one of the most successful and sustainable companies in Britain. The system of committees, working groups and champions around the business ensures we manage sustainability effectively at all levels and implement our Vision2020 framework.
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