Berkeley, World Class Places

Delivering World-Class Places for a World-Class City

We have been building new homes and new communities in London for the last 37 years, often turning old unused areas or derelict buildings into thriving new places where people love to live.   We see it as a privilege to be able to contribute to this amazing city.

London has so much to offer anyone who chooses to make it their home: the history, pageantry, culture, transport infrastructure, parks and open spaces, the theatres and entertainment, the financial centre and of course the architecture.

Berkeley is building new homes right across London - from studios and apartments in the outer boroughs to luxury penthouses in the centre. These homes are complemented on many of our developments by a mix of shops, cafés, restaurants and retail spaces that benefit not just the residents but the wider community - providing new jobs and facilities for the areas in which we develop. They make London an ever richer and more vibrant city.

We create vibrant places that have a real sense of belonging. We design urban environments that attract a wide range of prospective buyers, using different styles of housing and offering various types of tenure and ownership to meet the needs of all kinds of people, whether they are young or old, single or in families.

Successful developments are living, organic entities: conceived within the context of their surroundings; knitted into the existing fabric; and created with sympathy and respect for the environment. Successful developments draw on local cultures and traditions. They have a unique sense of identity and appreciate the heritage of any given location. They engender a sense of pride and aspiration. They offer people somewhere to enjoy new lives.

Every great place emerges from partnerships. They depend on the vision and relationship of the people involved in creating them. In London, with the encouragement of the Mayor, these partnerships are producing some amazing results.

Berkeley is always evolving and improving. The knowledge we have amassed allows us to deliver the schemes on which our reputation is built, schemes of which we are immensely proud.

Building these schemes in London, makes us prouder still.