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Through its five core autonomous brands and 17 operating companies, the Berkeley Group directly employs circa 1,400 staff, with a further 8,000 contractors and labourers across our development sites. The operating companies have a wealth of in-house expertise for the broad range of regeneration, development and special projects that we deliver. Our teams benefit from inspirational and experienced leaders backed up by groups of specialists, together with considered and proven processes and resources.

Berkeley has the necessary skill sets to manage the development process from start to finish ensuring our solutions are delivered with the highest quality and attention to detail.

We understand the various requirements of vendors and land owners and are able to offer the full range of purchasing options from an unconditional acquisition to a full joint venture agreement.

Berkeley is proud to be a member of the Mayor's London Development Panel, helping London develop public sector land.

Our Approach to Successful Development

Berkeley specialises on London sites where it can add the greatest value, focusing on large regeneration schemes and brownfield land where the development solutions are complex and need our expertise and skill to ensure successful delivery.

"Very few businesses carry out every stage of the development process and work in such a regulated environment."

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Stakeholder Engagement

Working with the Community

On all developments, we engage with the community and all key stakeholders right from the outset. This includes the local authority, neighbours, local resident groups, and other key local stakeholders. Our starting point for all development sites is to ask local stakeholders how they would wish to be engaged. We use a wide range of techniques - from public meetings and exhibitions to workshops and interactive community planning days. A proactive approach to working with the community builds confidence in our approach to planning, supporting an early resolution. Berkeley has gained an enviable reputation for achieving planning consents for successful, viable, award-winning schemes which enhance local communities. We continue the dialogue throughout consultation informing and updating the community on progress and activities.

"I have never worked with a developer like Berkeley Group before. They are professional and highly experienced. They understand the marketplace and know exactly what they need to achieve in terms of sizes, quality of specification, choice and relationships of spaces."


Our Approach to Placemaking

We create places that have a true sense of belonging. They need to be balanced communities, with different styles of housing to accommodate the diverse needs of people.

We strive towards providing a range of tenures and ownership options to house all types of people, whether they're young or old, single or in families. These new places must have an energy and vibrancy in-built. Successful developments are living, organic entities - not a collection of disassociated and disparate ideas. Furthermore, they need to be built in the context of their surroundings, knitted into the existing fabric and created with sympathetic respect for their environment, not only in terms of the topology but also the existing community.

Without doubt, one of the single most important factors in creating new places is the vision and relationship of those people involved in creating them. Solid partnerships with an alignment of interest and the will to make the vision and reality are without question the key to creating successful places where people want to live, work and visit.

We believe the key factors in placemaking are regeneration are:

  • Creation of high quality public realm
  • A vibrant mix of uses
  • Early delivery of community and commercial facilities
  • Public and private sector collaboration with the local residents and the community organisations

"It is important that we find a way of ensuring that new development fits with our built heritage so that London continues to be a desirable place to live, work and do business." - Boris Johnson, Former Mayor of London

Bespoke Design

There is no generic Berkeley Scheme. Every design is bespoke. Each project is scrutinised intensely at all levels. We have regular design meetings involving each relevant team at every level of the business to go through the specification. This intensity of involvement means we always deliver on the detail.

Berkeley always use architects on every project which is not common practise within the housebuilding industry. We often invite three or four to pitch their ideas. We find people with an ability to collaborate and with the talent to create a powerful sense of place and articulate this to all the different stakeholders.

"Life is very pressured. People want to relax in beautiful surroundings whilst enjoying the convenience of the city." - Robert Townsend, Townsend Landscapes


As our portfolio continues to grow, we have a clarity of vision of what we want to achieve. Our reputation is the result of many years experience working with some of the very best architects and consultants who share our passion and understanding.

Interior Designers

With meticulous attention to detail, every aspect is carefully considered to provide the most desirable, well thought-out, exquisite living spaces. Sophisticated interiors complement the architecture and enhance the generous proportions of each individual residence.

Landscape Architects

Berkeley treats landscaping as an integral part of the development, placing huge significance on creating beautiful outside spaces that work in harmony with their vibrant settings. Our aim is to create landscaping that mirrors the vital energy of the city with its mixture of parks, squares, gardens and green spaces.

Public Art Consultants

Creating inviting public spaces requires the collective vision to see beyond the material elements, the imagination to envisage what is possible and the determination to ensure an enduring future for every project we undertake.


"Our extensive construction experience and dedicated teams mean that complex multi-phased developments can be managed efficiently, to programme and budget."

Dedicated Delivery Team

Project management: design, planning to construction

Our developments are led by a dedicated project director responsible for all aspects of detailed design, delivery, health & safety, commercial and technical works on the development. The project director has a site-based technical, commercial and construction team to manage trade contractors.


With the many parties involved in development, internal and external, clear communication is critical between all the disciplines and the client, consultants and contractors.

We hold regular meetings with the landowners and other key stakeholders as necessary to ensure they remain fully updated and appraised.

We ensure that the local community and key consultees are kept informed of progress on-site either through newsletters, email, web page updates or via a dedicated Neighbourhood Liaison Officer who will be site-based.


The phasing strategy is of paramount importance. A successful strategy including appropriate buffer zones, allows construction to continue whilst residential occupations remain unaffected. The knowledge Berkeley has accrued enables the maximum number of homes to be delivered whilst maintaining an enviable customer service reputation.