Futureproof Housing

Urban Houses at Kidbrooke Village

The innovative Urban Houses at Berkeley East Thames' Kidbrooke Village development are made using brand-new construction methods designed to save valuable resources, increase energy efficiency and significantly reduce waste. Materials are responsibly sourced, 75% of the steel used has been previously recycled.

Modular Design: each floor is created as a separate 'pod' off-site, and assembled on site. : All taps are aerated, saving up to half of the standard water usage. Plumbing and bathrooms on every floor means the accommodation can be adapted easily, (the ground floor can be converted into a separate studio flat.)  

Energy: LED lights are used throughout the houses, using 90% less energy than traditional incandescents, also lasting for up to 30 years. Combined Heat and Power (CHP, integrates the production of usable heat and power in one single efficient process) are installed at a variety of properties at Kidbrooke to help reduce carbon emissions and running costs.

Berkeley, Sales and Marketing Newsletter, Issue 1, Futureproof Housing