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A Focus on the Middle East - Why invest in London?


  • 4 of the UK's top 7 universities are based in London
  • 20 of the 91 top universities in the UK are in London
  • 1 in 4 students attending London's higher education institutions are from outside the US
  • Over 100,000 international students study in London

The Brexit Opportunity:

  • Many Middle Eastern Currencies are pegged to the US$ so the current exchange rate makes UK properties approximately 20% cheaper at the moment
  • £ at a 30 year low against the dollar
  • UK investment: Staying within the UK following the fall in sterling and reluctance to now move it over

Recent election of Donald Trump:

  • Subsequent bans on Arab travel have made many Arabs uneasy and curbed GCC/ME investment into the US.
  • The opposite is true of London where diversity has been embraced and the first Muslim Mayor of London has been elected.

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