You can now easily track what stage you are in when purchasing your new home. Once each stage of the buying process is completed, it will turn green letting you know what stages are completed. On each stage, there will be helpful information, who to contact and the next steps needed to proceed in the buying stage. If or when you proceed to the 'Options and Choices' stage of the buying process a date will appear informing you of the deadline of when your Options and Choices need to be submitted by. If your buying stage is incorrect or is not displaying on your property page please contact your Customer Relations Manager for further assistance.

Select 'My Properties' > Select 'View Property' > Located at the top of the page is your Buying Process .

The filing Cabinet is an online resource collating all documentation regarding your new home. Within this area of your MyHome Plus account you will be able to view documents that relate to your new purchase. You can now have access to documents such as your reservation form, correspondence documents between you and the sales team or any upcoming construction work you need to be aware of.

Select 'My Properties' > Select 'View Property' > Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view your filing cabinet.

You may receive notifications within your MyHome Plus account or items that require your attention. These are to inform you of any updates made with in your MyHome account i.e. a new document added to your filling cabinet, these notifications are stored within the My messages section in your account, on the tool bar at the top. If a red icon is displaying it indicates that you have a unread message or notification.

You may also have a Attention Icon displayed next to your property. This means that some form action is required from you i.e. completing your Options and Choices or to choose your Upgrades.

Select 'My Messages' in the top navigation bar to view your notifications or alternatively: select 'My Properties' > Locate the blue tool bar located underneath the main image to view your notifications and messages.

Within the About my development section of your MyHome Plus you are able to learn about the development's facilities that may be available for you, as well as the local area and amenities your new home has to offer.

Select 'About my development' > Select any of the features to find out more.

Within the Meet the Team section of your MyHome Plus you are able to identify the members of staff who will be taking care of you within the various stages of the buying process. You are also be able to retain contact information should you need to get touch with team as well as email them from the 'Email me' button.

Select 'Meet the Team' > Navigate to the various tabs to find the dedicated team member for your enquiry.

Keep up to date with all the latest construction updates for you development, view how far you development is coming along, the over all progress and latest images of its construction.

Select 'Construction Progress' > select a year in the tool bar > select a month > view the latest update.

Options and Choices is part of the buying process which allows you select the specification of your new home. You will receive a notification of when your Options and Choices are ready for you to select and when your selections are due in by. It maybe the case that you have already made your selections and further in to the buying process or your new home doesn't provide you with the option to do so, in this case you won't be entitled to make any selection and will not be available for you, even though Options and Choices may still appear in the Buying Stage of your property.

Options and Choices will be available to you within your property page select 'Make Options and Choices' to begin.

Options and Choices

In this window below there are several rooms on display select 'edit' to view your options within that room.

Options and Choices 2

You will be provided with several choices located at the top, select an option and if you satisfied select 'Save Selections'. 

Options and Choices 3

You may be provided with an alternative where your options are available to you above the room selections and will display 'View' instead of edit. This is because you will only be able to select an option that will apply across your new home as a whole instead of being able to customise each room.

Options and Choices 4

Once you have made your selections and are satisfied then select 'Confirm selections' a new window will appear and you are able to 'Save as Draft' or 'Confirm selections'.

Options and Choices 5

When you have confirmed a document of your choices and specification will appear in the 'Specification' tab of your filling cabinet as well as an email to your personal email address.

Please note that all selections must be submitted by the closing date. If you have saved any selections but have not submitted them before the closing date then your saved selections will still be processed. If you have not saved or submitted any selections then the default options will be chosen for you. Notifications will automatically remind you 14, 7 and 1 day before the closing date. If for any reason you are no longer happy with your selections or require assistance then please contact you Customer Relations Manger immediately who will be able assist you.

Upgrades allows you choose or upgrade certain features of you new home. You can view all selections available to you and select any Upgrade the you require. Upgrades will appear within you property page, and you can save or submit your selections at anytime before your closing date. Once you have submitted you selections your Customer Relations Manger should be in touch to finalise all Upgrades and costing. You are able to select any Upgrades that may be of interest to you, even if you are not entirely sure, as these can be discussed/changed with the Sales team prior to finalising. To make any changes to your selections or to discuss any pricing needs please contact your Customer Relation Manger.

Select on a property > select 'Select Upgrades' > Select all Upgrades that you require.