Our Health and Safety Vision:

"Berkeley is committed to operating incident and injury free and aspires to have a positive health impact on all those employed and affected by what we do."

Working with our supply chain we aim to achieve industry-leading performance, demonstrate clear and unequivocal leadership to others in the construction sector, and never knowingly compromise on Health & Safety.

Ultimately we are proud to be safe, and we aim to demonstrate this through our own behaviour.

This vision is supported by clearly defined objectives and a supporting plan which establishes the basis on which we will successfully deliver business improvements.

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Our Health and Safety Objectives:

In support of our vision our strategic objectives are to:

  1. Continue to strengthen risk management in all areas
  2. Demonstrate enhanced commitment through leadership
  3. Raise standards and promote excellence
  4. Actively engage with our supply chain and workforce
  5. Drive cultural change through the business and influence industry
  6. Promote health awareness and enhance arrangements
  7. Ensure clear and effective communication at every level across the business
  8. Demonstrate legal compliance
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