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Floral Bouquets To Adorn Your Luxury London Apartment

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There was a time when flowers were seen as purely the preserve of special occasions in the UK. Birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries, these were the times you found flowers about the house. Yes people might have a few potted house plants, but these tended to the low maintenance and un-showy (spider plants anyone?).

But these days the game has changed and a sumptuous bouquet is now the ideal decorative flourish and seen with increasing frequency in luxury London apartments.

Flowers have become central elements of major events such as fashion shows and press launches. This has seen them move from the preserve of aged housewives to the next stage in interior décor for the young and happening. Chrissy Price of iFlorist believes flowers are the ultimate in decoration. "They are much easier than redecorating, and you can change them weekly," she explains.

If you're thinking of using flowers to complement the stunning interior of your luxury London apartment, here are a few pointers:

  1. Natural Is Best. Vic Brotherson of Scarlet and Violet believes there is a growing trend away from the contrived arrangements once so popular to a more organic look. "Customers want flowers to reflect nature. We use boughs of cherry or armfuls of delphiniums. They bring natural shapes and colours into living areas." Look to use plants that work with the flow of the space in your apartment as opposed to making them an unnatural focal point.
  2. A Season For Everything. Because flowers and plants can be easily replaced consider changing them with the movement of the seasons. Price has customers who change their arrangements with the seasons, not only because it makes for a beautiful and natural environment, but it creates a talking point for visitors.
  3. Get Creative. Don't think of arranging flowers as only something a trained florist can do. It's now common for many floral arrangers to come from design and art backgrounds as opposed to traditional florists. As Kally Ellis of McQueens Flower Shop notes: "Almost anyone can learn the skills of a florist, but creativity cannot be taught." Don't confine yourself to traditional arrangements, the same old species pairings or those fusty ceramic vases. Use bespoke pots to house your creations and think outside of the box to really bring your creations to life. Modern floristry is about pushing the boundaries as much as any other art form. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Flowers can be the perfect way to lift the interior of your luxury London apartment. You can use them to draw the eye to particular areas, or just to create a lush oasis of nature in the heart of the big city. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but the art is in the placement.

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