BIM Leader Joins Berkeley Modular

Rene Van Zwijndrecht

As part of its drive to create a digital construction off-site manufacturing process, Berkeley Modular has appointed René van Zwijndrecht as BIM leader.

René started his career as an architect 17 years ago, and has been in the AEC industry ever since. He has always had a leaning towards methodologies like BIM and lean manufacturing, making his role with Berkeley Modular an ideal fit.

His  propensity  to  think  outside  the  box  means  he  was  a  good  match  for  the company; René looks for solutions in other sectors, or even in the natural world, to convert to an applicable fit for construction. Ultimately, he hopes his work with Berkeley Modular will create a lasting legacy for the whole industry.

Commenting on his new role, René said: "I believe in the ethos Berkeley Modular is  following  to  approach  an  age-old  method  of  off-site  construction.  It  fits  into what the industry is striving for in terms of greater efficiency and leaner processes, and  my  role  with  the  support  of  the  Design  Tech  and  BIM  Team  will  enable  this process.

"The role is different from other BIM roles that continuously change as it links to the manufacturing methodologies that has been a missing link to progress the AEC industry."

He will work with the BIM and digital design technology team to facilitate the best design technology to achieve Berkeley Modular's goals.

The  teams  will  work  to  enable  the  digitisation  of  the  design  to  manufacture processes,  establishing  workflows  and  standards  to  be  the  interface  of  the company from the earliest inception of projects, all the way to manufacturing.