Emily - Marketing Co-Ordinator

I started the Building Futures programme in September 2017. After completing my A-Levels I was unsure on what to do, and was attracted by the different opportunities and the premium quality developments Berkeley deliver.

The programme seemed perfect, as it gave me the opportunity to try a number of departments and roles within the business to find one that suited me. I particularly enjoyed the first nine months moving around each department. This has given me experience in a number of roles and enhanced my understanding of how a large business, and the industry, works. I also got a taste of what makes a successful housebuilder. Being able to then choose a full-time department with the help of my mentor was a major plus point for the course.

Emily Marketing Coordinator | Building Futures | Berkeley Group

The best experience so far has been getting to meet everyone within the business. The first nine months is the most challenging part, as you have to move into a new department every month. It was a little like starting a new job every four weeks. However, it meant I learnt really quickly.

I am now working full-time in Sales and Marketing as their Marketing Co-Ordinator. I want to continue my marketing career and hope to progress quickly within the department.
My advice for applicants is to be open minded throughout your rotation and put 100% into each department. Make sure that you ask lots of questions to ensure you get the best understanding and knowledge out of each area of the business.