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Providing exceptional service to our customers throughout the purchasing process and after completion

"We will consistently meet or exceed our customers' expectations by delivering well-designed, beautiful homes and communities where they can live happy, healthy and environmentally-efficient lifestyles. The service that we provide to our customers throughout the purchasing process and after completion will be exceptional. Customers will be positioned at the heart of our business and will be central to the decisions that we make."

Developing our Approach

The customer is at the heart of every decision that we make, from the land that we buy, through development planning, to the detailed design, specification and construction of our housing and commercial space. Our strategy is based on ensuring customers remain as a central focus of management at all levels and on continuing to strive for exceptional performance. The experience of our customers is central to Berkeley's reputation, its ability to secure sales and hence the viability of the future business.

The Customer Experience

We aim to make the home-buying process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible for all our customers, and to provide a professional, efficient, business-like and helpful service at all times.

Our commitment to our customers is that:

"When you buy a new home from Berkeley you  can be safe in the knowledge that it is built to very high standards of design and quality, has low environmental impact and that you will enjoy an exceptional customer experience."

Our dedicated Customer Managers are allocated for each part of the customer journey, so that the customer always has an expert to talk to. In addition to the 10 year warranty all new homes receive, Berkeley operates a 2 year policy with dedicated teams on hand 24 hours a day to deal with enquiries.

In 2013 parts of the business joined the Institute of Customer Services and this will be extended to the whole Group in 2014 to enable us to continue to strengthen our approach to customer service.

Berkeley, Sustainability, Vision2020, Running a Sustainable Business, CustomersCustomers

Customer Satisfaction

We support the Consumer Code for Home Builders which applies to all our buyers. This ensures that home buyers are treated fairly, know what service levels to expect, are given reliable information upon which to make their decision and know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied.

We use customer satisfaction surveys undertaken by an independent external agency to measure how well we are meeting our customers' expectations. All of our private purchasers are asked to complete a survey, and this year 98% of our customers reported that they would recommend Berkeley to a friend (2012: 97%). This is above our target of 95%.

We also see the opportunity presented by engaging with customers to inform better design. We invite feedback from all of our customers and use this to improve our homes. We hope that this will lead to higher sales due to desirable and comfortable home design, and increased market value of homes due to their customer appeal.

Berkeley, Sustainability, Vision2020, Customers, Customer Satisfaction

Berkeley, Sustainability, Vision2020, Running a Sustainable Business, CustomersCustomers

Sustainable Living

Design is only part of the picture; with the support of residents we can aspire to create truly sustainable places. We have a role to play in promoting sustainable lifestyles to residents and helping them to operate their home efficiently and make the best use of local facilities. We also believe that this is something our customers want; in our 2012 Customer Sustainability Survey, 81% of customers agreed or strongly agreed that they were concerned about protecting the environment.

Helping Create a Better Future: Our guide to more sustainable living was produced in 2013 to provide information to customers on sustainability issues and give ideas on how to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. In 2014, this will be available within all marketing suites and we will also be developing an online version.

Our sales staff are key in communicating sustainability information throughout the home buying process. A training schedule has been compiled, together with supporting guidance information, and in 2014 this will be rolled out across the business to ensure we can effectively promote the benefits of sustainable homes and communities.

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