Megan Hughes

I first became interested in the property industry when leaving school. A development was taking place where I lived which involved building town houses, a block of flats and some shops. Watching how the buildings could be demolished and new buildings erected in their place was fascinating to me.

During my second year of university various companies came in and presented to us. They all gave us a background into the company and spoke of all the opportunities they offer. Berkeley Homes was the first company to present and the one company that stuck in my head. The opportunities I was looking for were all there for me.

Throughout my sandwich year, I have had the opportunity to spend time with each department within Berkeley Homes Western. I spent about a month with each of the departments working to the same criteria as a graduate would. By completing these rotations I was able to achieve a better understanding of how each department plays a role in a project. I had the opportunity to take part in events organised by the company to see how they help within the local community. I was sent on training courses to increase my knowledge on relevant subjects to help me over the year. Being placed on Green Park Village enabled me to learn about the construction of both houses and apartments. Spending the last six months of my placement on site, I was able to spend every day with the site managers learning about my future career.

All existing staff were friendly and welcoming during my sandwich year especially the site team at Green Park Village. The team listened to any questions I had and answered them with as much detail as possible. The knowledge and experience the staff have is remarkable and the amount they have taught me over the year has been priceless. My sandwich year has given me an insight into the real world of work. It has allowed me to see how everything I've previously learnt is incorporated into a real life project. The experience has been well worthwhile and has allowed me to confirm that construction management is the career for me.

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